We love printing with letterpress wood type. Our biggest challenge over the years though is that we can not find full sets. Or a full set on ebay will cost $400 or more dollars.

We opted to come up with a new solution. We created polymer wood font. This allows us to create many different styles, and to have sets that are easy to use.

What exactly is letterpress polymer wood font?

Well, its exactly like what it sounds. Its wood font that we created out of polymer. We create letter sizes out of open source font. Then we make a letterpress plate from the alphabet. Finally, we add double sided tape then just cut the letters out with scissors.

What are the main benefits of letterpress polymer wood type?

Besides the fact that we can practically make any font ever of any size? There are a few other benefits.

1. We can easily place the font on the aluminum bases.

2. We can make font of any kind and size.

3. We can just cut out the letters and hand place them.

4. If any font get destroyed, we can easily replace it.

Here are some pictures of the final product! These were made of polymer wood font type. If you would like to find out when our polymer font comes available, please contact us.

Polymer Wood font Type Polymer Wood font Polymer Wood Type